Week 5

  K AY A, Welcome to week 5....the half way point!   It has been a busy week, the students have been working very hard and are really embracing their leadership roles. We are about to switch our ministry duties to try some new jobs for the remainder of the term. Miss Hurst and I have are starting our preparations for Camp in Term 3. The students will also start their preparations this week and for the Human Development workshop in week 8 A massive thank you to Lauren Heitman who baked the marvelous cupcakes for the students when they received their Confirmation certificates. 🧁🕊💕 Dance for Sick Children O n Monday morning of this week from 8.50am-9.40am,  Ellie Haines our wonderful dance teacher will be holding a full School K-6 Dance Class in the Hall for the Dance for Sick Kids Fundraiser. Students will need to  bring a gold coin donation   tomorrow and wear their sport uniform. All money raised goes to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. If you would like to donate online please f

Week 4 Term 2

  K AY A and welcome to week 4!! Firstly, congratulations to all year 6 candidates and prayer buddies for the way they conducted themselves at the Sacrament of Confirmation.  You guys did so well and I was so happy for you!!  A bigs thank you must go to our band, choir and Mrs King who performed beautifully, to Father Ian, Bishop Holohan, and Mrs Meyer for their hard work and support on this beautiful ceremony.  Confirmation Certificates On Friday this week, we will be awarding the Confirmation candidates their certificates in the hall with a small morning tea afterwards with cupcakes provided by two of our awesome parents. I will send more information regarding the timing of this morning tea during the week.  Friendology As part of our whole school approach to managing and supporting student friendships at OLC, we will be continuing to use the URSTRONG Friendology program. URSTRONG is an award-winning friendship program that empowers kids with friendship skills to create communities o

Week 2 Term 2

Welcome to a super busy few weeks for our Year 6 students as we complete our preparations for and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.   Today we had a visit from Bishop Holohan who came to speak with us and check on our preparations to receive the Sacrament.  All students receiving the Sacrament met with the Bishop to discuss the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  As per my blog last week, we have confirmation coming up in the next few weeks, so we are madly working to complete this task.  Just a few reminders to start the term. 1. Saint Box and presentation - If your child hasn't brought in their box, please assist them to remember to bring this in as we have started our presentations.  The quality of these has been superb and the students obviously know lots about their Saints. 2.  We have our Parent Confirmation Evening tomorrow night - Tuesday 3rd May As Mrs Meyer advised last week, this will be held at school tomorrow and start at 5:30pm. 3. Parent   Confirmation Retreat

Term 2 Week 1

  Welcome back for what promises to be a super Term 2. As per my blog last week, we have confirmation coming up in the next few weeks, so we are madly working to complete this task.  Just a few reminders to start the term. 1. Saint Box and presentation - Commencing Wednesday of Week 1 2. Confirmation Sash form and money (Confirmation Candidates only) - Due 27th April 3. Parent Confirmation Retreat - Letter to Child - Due 29th April This letter is often something your child will cherish and hold onto for a long time. The length of the letter is totally up to you, however I ask that once you have completed it you put it in a sealed envelope with your child's name on the front and pass it on to me. I would like for you to keep this a secret and a complete surprise for them on their retreat day, so this may mean dropping it off to the front office or slipping it inside something else for your child to pass onto me (I am very good at secret squirrel business). In this letter you may w

Happy Easter and Important Reminders

  K AY A, I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter break with friends, family and not too much chocolate!  We are so excited to have all of the students back in class for Term 2.  For those of you that have been affected by COVID, I hope you are recovering and resting well.  I hope that those who have not been affected continue to stay COVID free.  I know it is school holidays but I wanted to send out a few reminders before we head into what will likely be another busy term. CONFIRMATION PREPARATION REMINDERS Our Confirmation Mass is set to take place on   Saturday 14th May at Our Lady of the Southern Cross Parish . As part of our Confirmation Program at the school, it is expected that  all students participate , whether it be in a prayer buddy (Non-Catholic) or Confirmation Candidate (Catholic) capacity. This means that all students will be exposed to the learning behind this sacrament, as well as having a part within the mass. Obviously those who aren't Catholic will not offi

Week 10

  K AY A, Woohoo, the holidays are just around the corner! But so too is Confirmation and in our last week of term we also have; swimming carnivals, Easter liturgy, testing to be done and projects to finish.. Then the students will have a very busy first three weeks back to school in Term 2, preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Hence why we are sending out this very important blog post. Within it, there are many details that will hopefully allow our first three weeks of next term to run a little more smoothly. Please know if you have any questions about any of the information below do not hesitate to reach out. Swimming Carnival  On Tuesday this week, the students will be taking part in a Swimming Carnival. 6Mc will be departing the school at 8.40am, please ensure your child arrives to school ready. They will need to have bathers and rashie on underneath their faction sport uniform. Please ensure they have suncream on, we will have more at the pool for reapplying. The students

Week 8 - Flynn and Sam

K aya! we are currently in the noongar season of bunuru which means little to no rain or no rain. Traditionally this was, and still is, a good time for living and fishing by the coasts and rivers.  It is all so when all the white flowers bloom including jarrah, marri, and ghost gums trees.   About this week Last week was a very long week after having Monday and Tuesday off in week 6 hope you enjoyed your week as much as we did In 6m.   Interview with Joel      Flynn: hi Joel Joel: hi Flynn            Flynn: what’s up             Joel: The sky Flynn: HAHAHAHAHAH Flynn: what was your favourite subject this week Joel: it was art Flynn: what did you do in art? Joel: we wrote to our pen pals Flynn: bye Joel Joel :BYE FLYNN!!!   Merit award Congratulations to Bella on your Merit Award! Way to go Bella!   Class birthdays for march 😎 Jack Gordon – March 10 th Sam Duffield – March 10 th Piper Huxtable – March 11 th